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Did you know spaghetti bolognese needs more than a tin of tomatoes and beef mince?

Did you know that you could lose your thumb dicing an onion incorrectly, or that a cheesecake actually doesn’t need to go in the oven? Not many people do. And that’s what Charlie Cheesecaker is on a mission to help with. Cooking is a skill everyone is able to acquire and is much better for your health, budget, social life and love life. Good food brings people together and there’s nothing hotter than someone who knows how to pull together a romantic meal, effortless lunch, or delicious breakfast.

You won’t find anything too fancy, too complicated, or too expensive here. It’s the basics you’ll master and we can’t wait to share our knowledge with you.

Charlie Cheesecaker’s got your back.

Here you’ll find the secret sauce and simple recipes to impress anyone from your mates, dates, in-laws and grandmother. We’ve got hacks to help you master the basics, set up your kitchen and pantry, tackle healthy meal prep, and find the way to your one-night-stand’s heart.

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